Buddhist studies at Oxford

At the invitation of Professor Yves Goudineau (Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient/Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford), a discussion was held over dinner at Wolfson College regarding new areas of cooperation between the University of Oxford and ECAF in the field of Buddhist studies - in particular Theravada traditions of Buddhism in Southeast Asia - opened by the construction of a new specialized library in this field at the EFEO/ECAF Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The participants in the discussion were Oxford: Professors Richard Gombrich, founder of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies; Edmund Herzig, director of the Oriental Institute; Goffrey Bamford, the current director of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies; David Gellner, director of the Institute of Social Anthropology; Vesna Wallace, chair of Buddhist studies; Robert Meyer, Buddhist Studies Unit; Paris: Anne de Sales, CNRS; Yves Goudineau, EFEO; and Franciscus Verellen, EFEO director and chair of the ECAF Steering Committee.